Advertising in the NYCEFT Email Promotion System

Dear EFT advertiser,

One of the services we offer friends and members of NYCEFT is weekly email notifications about NYCEFT offerings of interest to people practicing EFT. We now provide the opportunity for individual and organizations to promote their EFT-related offerings to our trusted email list. 

We want you to get your money’s worth when you hire us to do a campaign, so we have a few guidelines to ensure your ad gets out in time and has the highest chance of readership.

We need you to submit “ready-to-send” materials.




Text Formatting: You can “dress up” your text with different headings, colors, fonts etc without any problem.

Not useable:

 Graphics containing essential text such as name, date, location, or descriptive text of your offering.  If you are having a designer put together a flyer for your event, you still need to keep a text-only version of your flyer for our email program.    

 PDFs. We cannot convert them, or attach them.

Pricing for sending emails to any or all of our lists.

$150: Campaign of 4 emails to go out on the dates you specify.

$50: Send a single email blast to the list of your choice. 

Available lists:

NYC Friends of EFT – appropriate for most local events

Global Friends of EFT – reaches anyone who has ever attended a NYCEFT workshop, seminar or conference. Includes people from the entire US and some International friends.

To purchase a campaign, please email our administrative assistant at 

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