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We specialize in helping therapists of all backgrounds learn and grow in their ability to help people. Dr. Sue Johnson's work in creating the EFT model is rewriting how therapy can and should help people who want to stay in relationships get to their goal and stay happy together.

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Sue Johnson Ed.D., developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families. 

The NYCEFT community is heartbroken at the tragic killing of George Floyd who joins an unbearably long list of senseless killings and assaults of Black people at the hands of police. We sit with outrage, horror and grief that many Black people have died due to the chronic and systemic racism in this country. 

There is an urgent need for action. Our core values as EFT therapists require us to speak out and not leave the Black members of our community and our world to struggle alone. We embrace this responsibility, and we resolve to use our compassion, our creative ideas and collective sense of humility to address these systemic issues through initiating and participating in authentic dialogue about the brutality of racism and being strong allies. 

In this spirit, we would like to support and amplify the Black voices informing our actions.  

Public Address on Revolution: Revolution Now by Rachel Cargle

Lauren Hill - Black Rage

George Floyd Family/Memorial Fund

Black Visions Collective: Supporting Black activists on the ground in Minnesota 

Black Lives Matter

The Liberty Fund

Campaign Zero

NYCEFT Board of Directors
June 3, 2020


Dear visitor, all of us at NYCEFT are concerned about your emotional health as we navigate the multiple stressor of responding to the global pandemic. Please stay tuned and check back here for helpful information. 


In this one hour free webinar, Zoya Simakhodskaya moderated the discussion with Simona Herb, an EFT Trainer from Romania, and Irina Wen, an EFT Supervisor from New York, both of whom have a lot of experience conducting online EFT sessions.  Click here to view »

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The NYC EFT center was founded and grown by an all-star team of therapists that believe in the results they've seen for therapists and patients alike. Their successful first steps have echoed repeatedly in the improved lives of our clinician members and hundreds of people they help everyday.

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Watch This Story From NYCEFT Founder George Faller About Our EFT Mission 

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Free  E.F.T.  For  Veterans  &  THeir  Families

NYCEFT Volunteer Therapists are providing free, unlimited, and confidential Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy – (EFT) for military service members who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and their loved ones. This is an outstanding service that we want to make sure is available to our veterans in their time of greatest need.  Many armed service members and their families have a need for such help but struggle to find a good therapist, affordable therapy , or even asking for help at all.

Help us reach these people, give them the help they deserve, and get our service people all the way back home safe.

Therapy is provided by fully-licensed psychotherapists in their state of practice. We have EFT couple therapists in the Greater New York area volunteering in providing their professional expertise for this deserving population. All therapists are independent licensed professionals and are not employed by NYCEFT.

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