NYCEFT EFT Access Program

Making Emotionally Focused Therapy available to underserved populations

New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy is dedicated to bringing EFT to any couple or family that needs it.  One of the ways we do it is through our commitment to quality EFT training to those clinicians working with underserved populations in mental health clinics, hospitals, and other non-profit organizations in the Greater New York Area.

Our Mission

To provide low cost, high quality training to clinicians who serve clients who are unable to afford private EFT - with a special interest in marginalized groups who experience discrimination and maybe cautious about engaging in therapy as a process that would hold relevance to them.


1.  Provide introduction to EFT lectures and supervision to agencies interested.

2.  Conduct low-cost EFT Externship and EFT Core Skills Training, as well as continued supervision support to eligible clinicians.

EFT Access Program Externship

Low cost EFT Externship will be held March 27-30, 2017.

Trainers: George Faller, Elana Katz, and Zoya Simakhodskaya

Cost: $250 (typically $1050)

Coordinated by Katherine Stavrianopoulos, Ph.D. and supported by NYCEFT Supervisors.

Click here for more details and to fill out an application.


  • minimum half time employment in an agency providing clinical services to underserved populations

  • at least one third of clinical work includes couples or family therapy or evidence intention and support from administration for establishing such services in the future
  • salary of $60,000 or less for full time employment
  • commitment to continue providing EFT to underserved population after training
  • Exceptions to these criteria will be made on individual basis.


Click here to fill out an application.  Once approved, you will receive an invoice.

Please contact Katherine Stavrianopoulos for more information regarding the program and externshps at

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